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Indulge in your favourite local dish, drinks and fun games at the comfort of your home – Get up to 15% off and a complimentary game set with every order.

In accordance with the Covid-19 social distancing measures prescribed by the Singapore government, Millennium Hotels and Resorts' restaurants in Singapore will be offering takeaway service.

You can now Order Food and Beverages Online and enjoy your  favourite drinks, local dishes, healthy bento spreads, hearty Italian and authentic Penang fare in the safe comfort of your home. Enjoy up to 15% savings when you takeaway from our restaurants in Singapore! What’s more, you also get a complimentary game set like Chapteh, Five Stones, Pick-Up Sticks and classic board games such as Snakes & Ladders and Chess on every order so that you can also enjoy good family time together.

Order Food and Beverages Online from your favourite Millennium Hotels and Resorts' restaurant now!


Complimentary Traditional Games

Spend time meaningfully as you engage with your family offline. Relive the good old days over a traditional game!